Mobile moosibatt

IMG_6812-okRemember some seven-eight years ago we were all either saving up to buy it or doing everything our parents said to get one out of them? When the guy who carried one around in college was a stud (no matter how he fell flat on face when he opened his mouth)? The time when we knew the 10-digit numbers of all our friends by-heart?

And now in 2012, I sometimes wonder how people used to survive without a mobile phone?

Orkut craze had caught up with us in 2006 and I used to have a good laugh at reading people’s “five things I can’t live without” section of their profile. It would always be something as cheesy as “your smile” or something as straightforward as “oxygen”.

If I have to answer that question today, the top-3 on my list would be “1. Mobile phone, 2., 3. Maggi noodles…”

In spite of that, there are times when I feel like throwing this black instrument out of the bloody window. Like when someone calls me at 11am (which in my world is as rude as calling at 4 am). Or when someone tells you to meet them at the bus stop at 5 and then bugs you by texting or calling (and that too when they are standing just 10m away) to ask “Hey where are you.”

It annoys me that now I don’t have a calendar in my house or that I don’t wear a watch anymore. Why should I when my mobile has it all. It seems life has now become a never-ending journey to find a plug point — to charge your phone.

The other day I was going through my engagement pictures. I realized I have more pictures with my cellphone than I had with my fiancé. Since sarees don’t have pockets, my phone was visible in my hand, while my fiancé’s was safely tucked away in his suit pocket.

I miss the time when we didn’t know who was calling… the mystery, the excitement, the thrill of answering a call on landline. Back then, screening a call would be a simple matter of pretending to be your own sister when it was someone you didn’t want to talk to.

But I think I am getting a little carried away. I will forever be indebted to my mobile for one very simple reason — you are always there when I need to pretend I am busy! Especially when that person in front of you can’t stop yapping about blah blah. All I have to do is whip my phone out, press it to my ear, and go, “Han han yaar, mein ekdum free hoon. Bol kya hua…

Yes I know I am evil.


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