I just started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the sixth time. And thanks to my worse than pathetic memory, I am enjoying every moment of it! I don’t know why but the jokes are still funny to me, even though the series is almost two decades old.

I didn’t have cable at my place, so I apart from catching the occasional episode at Ketki’s place, I didn’t really follow it with any dedication. It was when a friend of mine gave me a couple of episodes in his pen drive. I saw those 6-7 episodes many times and then pestered him to give me the complete set.

I was to leave for Bangalore in 15 days and finishing all those episodes before that looked as difficult as my BSc Math paper.

Each episode is 24 minutes long.

There are 24 episodes in each season. There are 10 seasons.

So 10x24x24/60 = number of hours I would need to finish this mountain!

Its 96 hours by the way, according to the calculator. Now I am awake for maximum of 12 hours in a day (I think I belong to the cat family, they sleep a lot you know!). Out of which I could easily devote 8 hours to watching Friends, since I didn’t have any college to attend.

Again, according to the helpful calculator in my laptop, I would need 12 days to finish it off. I had 15 in hand! Tough job my friend, which I completed and am still waiting for the President of India’s Letter of Appreciation.  I spent the next three days packing (refer to the previous post to know how much I hate it) and burning all the Friends episodes onto CDs (I didn’t own a laptop then and had complete faith in my parents that they would delete it the moment I leave the house).

Till today, this sitcom has helped me through rough days and bad moods. Laughter sure is the best medicine, especially when Chandler Bing is administering it to you. All these years, I have seen so many sitcoms and was thinking maybe I won’t find this one that interesting once I decide to watch it again (since it now belongs to another generation). I am being proved wrong right this moment… I just finished watching ‘Monica and Chandler get married’.

But now I have some doubts which I think earlier I was too naive to figure out. How on earth do all of them hang out in Central Perk in the middle of the day? Don’t they have, as Rachel puts it, “that work thing”?

And also, don’t they EVER lock their front doors? They just barge into each others apartments, which is fine by me. But living in a place like Delhi has taught me that if your front door is not locked, you move up the list of being potentially robbed or raped. No such issues in New York City?

Probably once I finish the 10th season, I would have some more such questions. And I demand the answers to them. Arnab Goswami, “how you doin’“!


2 thoughts on “OUH MY GAAD!

  1. There is something fun filled and enjoyable about the familiarity of a television series. I like to escape to music, art and television. Some may consider it mindless, but it makes me relax and laugh. I am glad you also feel this way, too! Smiles, Robin

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