Most hated questions (…and my personalised answers)

1. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Drug dealer)

2. Why did you decide to become a journalist? (I dunno, living below the poverty line has its charm)

3. When are you getting married? (I was thinking this Thursday… will you be able to make it?)

4. How did you celebrate this birthday…the last one before getting married? (Wore a pink satin dress and glass slippers to work)

5. Hows the preparation for the wedding going? (Not so good, could you come in the evening and do the dishes?)

6. How does it feel now that you are married? (I feel sorry for you)

7. Oh you are back? (Nope! Its called optical illusion)

8. You look sick, did you go see a doctor? (Yes I did. He looked fine)

9. Who is it you are talking to on phone? (Shhh… its Manmohan Singh. I am trying to listen!)

10. What are your future plans? (Give me a minute, I will mail you a PPT presentation I made on this subject).


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