That perfect haircut

I always tell my friends that it is easier to find a good husband than a tailor who understands your needs, than a hairstylist who gives you a perfect haircut, and a housemaid who doesn’t come in our nightmares.

You have seen my picture on the left side of this blog right? (If you haven’t then gimme your email id, i’ll start sending you hate mails.)
I had shoulder length layered hairstyle till a breakup forced me to revamp my life and my mane caught the brunt of it. I have always been a big fan of the pixie cut and a senior colleague told me about this place in Pune which is famous for that.

Indian women are extremely proud of their long hair and are intensely protective about it. Trimming just one inch means the girl would have shed a mugful of tears before getting into the chair (and after it too). So it’s pretty hard to find someone who understands that SOME women like short hair and it needs to be different from a guy’s haircut…however similar they might look to you.

So this place in Pune is on Ferguson College Road and is called Techni Art (they are listed with The gentleman who owns it, Manoj, is also a fantastic hairstylist and I have always made sure he is around when I take my appointments. He understands right away what I am looking for and his results are fabulous.

I hated myself for doing it, but I had to move out of Pune as I got a better job in New Delhi. Worked for two years in Delhi, then moved to Lucknow after getting married, and then within three months to Dehradun.

I have not found anyone else who has given me that perfectly sexy pixie cut. Last week I went to Pune on a week-long holiday. And it was after exactly two and half years that I got a satisfactory haircut 🙂 Finally!!!


3 thoughts on “That perfect haircut

  1. That post struck a chord! I can lament about hairdressers all day! I can write a sad song for the lack of good hairdressers! Great hairdressers are such a rare species.
    I totally agree when you say that it is easier to find a good husband than to find a good hairdresser. Another problem is that when you do find a good hairdresser you rarely get to keep them for life :P.
    I have thick, voluminous, curly hair, which (excuse me for tooting my own horn) look gorgeous now… because of a great haircut for the first time in my life and I am freaking Twenty Seven! Yes, it took that long to finally get a good haircut. My encounters with the hairdressers before this are just shy of being horror stories. I still get nightmares about this fat lady who made me resemble a cauliflower when i was a teenager (her husband probably fought with her, and she vented on me).
    I shouldn’t blame the hairdressers . I am probably their nightmare, their toughest exam! Its just that they dont deal with a client like me everyday. Girls want to add volume and fullness to their hair and I want my hair to appear less voluminuous, plus mere gol gol curls se toh aur chakkar aa jaate honge unhe. 😛


  2. Amen Sister! It’s not just in India … it’s even worse here in the US … Short hair is “old lady” haircut… The hairdresser looked at me really weird when I said I wanted a pixie, when i said I had a newborn, it was okay coz of course no body sane/non-sleep-deprived would want to chop their hair …Grrrrr

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