Choco Decor, Bhopal’s chocolate bouquet service

My sister Rachana told me about chocolate bouquets an year ago…trust me before that I had no idea any such thing existed. I am strictly anti-bouquet (the flower kind) and when I heard about chocolate bouquets, I was honestly thrilled. The idea was quite appealing, instead of flowers, you have decorated chocolates sticking out of a bouquet. Pluck them, eat them and either throw the rest away or recycle it. Cool na?

So Rachana was going through a very bad phase in life and wanted a change, so she went to Mumbai to learn how to make chocolate bouquets. She also learned how to make chocolates of different shapes using moulds and then wrapping them up in colourful foils. She would then fashion them into bouquets of different shapes and designs.

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She came back to Bhopal and started this service — Choco Decor— where she would take orders from people near her house. The smallest bouquets cost something like 250 and had around 10 chocolates. I went to visit her a couple a months ago and learned that she was to deliver a lot of bouquets and assorted chocolates soon.

She found a willing slave in me and we sat down to set up our own mini production line. I would melt bars of chocolates and pour it into moulds shaped like hearts, stars, roses, tulips, smiley faces etc, and Rachana would cool them down in the freezer and them wrap them in foils and decorate the bouquet.


I then did a little research and found that though such services are available on a large scale in bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata, people in smaller cities don’t know much about it yet. The response Rachana received in Bhopal was mediocre at first, but as the word spread, she soon started wishing that I was there to help around 24×7. Aah now that’s not happening is it. šŸ˜€


One thought on “Choco Decor, Bhopal’s chocolate bouquet service

  1. Chocolate bouquet service in Bhopal is a new service. chocolate bouquetsare the new trend in gifts and can be considered as one of the innovative way of gifts. A bouquet filled with chocolates will make the occasion all more joyous and makes the person a lot more happier.

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