Picture collage as wall corner

Picture collage as wall corner

Endless hours on Pinterest finally pay off! When my husband and I moved into our first house as a married couple, we decided to get some pictures framed and hang them on the living room wall. I saw this pin on Pinterest where someone had used up two adjacent walls and made a gallery there. So we tried out the same. First we got a general asymmetric design on the wall with the help of brown paper. Then we selected a bunch of pictures from our albums and decided which one will go in which size. Had to make some changes at this point since we had more horizontal pictures and couldn’t find any good pic to fill the two vertical pictures at the bottom. So replaced them with horizontal as well. And we were damn happy with the result (and the subsequent compliments from our friends).
A couple of pointers while you are trying this out… keep at least one or two pictures as the peg, that is, of a much bigger size than rest. In our case, we had three. And also, use a couple of thick frames among the thin ones. It gives it a little balance.


4 thoughts on “Picture collage as wall corner

  1. Your photo gallery is photoworthy! I liked the tips you provided in the post as well. They tell a nice story about you and your husband.
    Do you think this pattern will work for photographs featuring landscape/seascape?

    1. I think it is best to make a sample and see for yourself. Just take colour print outs of those pics and see what layout suits them. Personally I feel those pics should be used as stand-alone. Otherwise the impact of a good picture will get lost in the crowd.

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