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Why I would rather turn 30 than yearn for early 20s.

These five reasons are in addition to the so many other logical ones which everyone keeps telling. Realised this when I was stuck with two 20-year-olds for an entire day!30

1. I can sit at one place for hours without feeling the need to offload my personal problems on strangers. I don’t get bored traveling alone in a bus for hours or waiting at a doctors’ reception area… I am content at being alone with my thoughts sometimes.

2. I possess the ability to keep a straight face when a handsome dashing man walks past me. I don’t swoon and giggle while looking at his faces anymore.

3. I might have been talkative as a kid, but I have realised that if you talk too much, chances are something dumb and/or stupid will leave your mouth with greater frequency.

4. I no longer have to be friends with every-bloody-one. I have the power to cut off those people from my life who irritate or anger me or with whom I simply don’t get along. I don’t feel like accepting friend request on facebook from people I haven’t met/met once but won’t ever meet again. And I don’t feel guilty about it.

5. I can cook whenever I want, clean whenever I want, sleep, eat, dance, bathe, not bathe, read, watch tv, play, anything and anytime, because I have a partner who doesn’t bound me by “tujhe meri kasam“. 😀

Headline Blooper No.3

Headline Blooper No.3

Times of India, New Delhi edition. Oct 23, 2013.
A typo which most of us might miss. I didn’t… because of us Indians’ notorious habit of spreading a newspaper on the bed to keep our dinner plates on (so that we can eat while watching TV).

IMA, where gentlemen become officers

The IMA passing out parade… an amazing experience.

A Curious Army Wife

IMA, where gentlemen become officers!

My friend’s brother had survived 18 months at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and so it was indeed time to celebrate. She was going to come all the way to Dehradun to attend the Passing-out-parade, and since I was living in that city, I couldn’t have been happier (because it is quite far from all other cities and no one ever comes here).

Her brother, a skinny and dark GC (Gentleman Cadet, what all trainees at the IMA are called) was allowed to invite four guests to the passing-out-parade (POP) — a ceremonial culmination of their rigorous training. He ended up being swamped by 11 relatives and friends, all wanting to see him stomp the parade ground in front of the Chetwode Building like a crazy guy before he became an officer in the Indian Army.

Now this POP is a pretty sought-after function in and around Dehradun, with…

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