Why I would rather turn 30 than yearn for early 20s.

These five reasons are in addition to the so many other logical ones which everyone keeps telling. Realised this when I was stuck with two 20-year-olds for an entire day!30

1. I can sit at one place for hours without feeling the need to offload my personal problems on strangers. I don’t get bored traveling alone in a bus for hours or waiting at a doctors’ reception area… I am content at being alone with my thoughts sometimes.

2. I possess the ability to keep a straight face when a handsome dashing man walks past me. I don’t swoon and giggle while looking at his faces anymore.

3. I might have been talkative as a kid, butΒ I have realised that if you talk too much, chances are something dumb and/or stupid will leave your mouth with greater frequency.

4. I no longer have to be friends with every-bloody-one. I have the power to cut off those people from my life who irritate or anger me or with whom I simply don’t get along. I don’t feel like accepting friend request on facebook from peopleΒ I haven’t met/met once but won’t ever meet again. And I don’t feel guilty about it.

5. I can cook whenever I want, clean whenever I want, sleep, eat, dance, bathe, not bathe, read, watch tv, play, anything and anytime, because I have a partner who doesn’t bound me by “tujhe meri kasam“. πŸ˜€


15 thoughts on “Why I would rather turn 30 than yearn for early 20s.

  1. I guess this is more of getting married and settling down in your life πŸ˜› Excellent Post though! Enjoyed reading.

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