Book Review: Solo in Singapore by Tanushree Podder

Solo IN SingaporeWhat is the first thing you feel like doing after a break-up? Party like there’s no tomorrow or go a dramatic haircut? Well, Munmun Menon, a journalist, takes it one step further. She hops on a plane to be ‘Solo in Singapore’.

And that’s how the journey of a 30-something woman unfolds in a foreign land who tries to bring her life back on track. Munmun realises the horror of relying on google when she enters a dingy hotel, only to check out the very next day and bump into a breezy Australian girl who becomes her friend.

They explore Singapore on a budget, end up renting a part of an apartment from a local old woman and that’s how a journey of a confused woman coping with heartbreak and trying desperately to “not be” penniless grabs our attention for the next 200-odd pages.

Even if the first few pages remind us of Kangana Ranaut in Queen, the resemblance quickly vanishes as Mummun not only sets out to find a job, but also her father, who had disappeared from her childhood many years ago.

The amazing travelogue-cum-chick lit is authored by city-based seasoned traveller and author Tanushree Podder.
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She refuses to label her work as a travelogue, but there are clearly some generous glimpses that she offers of the different culture of Singapore. The credit for it goes to Podder’s daughter, who lived in the country for several years and also for the extensive travelling that the author undertook, not just in Singapore, but also in other countries.

“Being an intrepid and passionate traveller, I feel that travelling has amazing healing powers. It widens your horizon, gives you confidence, opens up new windows and helps you find your feet, especially if you are travelling solo. I, for one, feel that nursing grudges or heartbreaks is difficult when you are travelling,” Poddar confesses.

It seems the idea of travelling has also helped the protagonist of the book. What sets apart Solo in from other chick lits is that there isn’t too much emphasis on finding “the one,” until the end.

Grab Solo in Singapore for that popcorn break when you need something light and witty to lift your mood. It can be your weekend buddy this month!

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