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One egg in the fridge = A beautiful dish on my plate

Took this one right off Pinterest. I’ve hours on it, about time I actually learned something right? So I had this one egg sitting in my fridge. Couldn’t really make anda bhurji with just one egg, and the omelette would have been too too thin.

So I used a capsicum and tomato to fashion this amazingly trendy omelette loaded with cheese.

I am gonna do the photos all the talking here.

Cool eh! I think you can simply mix and match the veggies. Maybe add onions, mushrooms and carrots. Unintentionally looks like the Indian flag here!
I’ve cut a thin horizontal slice off the capsicum here and placed it on an oiled pan.
I broke the egg in the middle and tried to keep it within the capsicum boundaries. If it’s a small capsicum, then you might have trouble keeping the egg within the green lines. Season with salt and pepper, and add tomatoes and chilies.
Flip it over.
Grate or just cut up some cheese on it and enjoy.