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Maharashtrian nath (nosepin)

Put that on, and even if you are not one, you would definitely look like a true blue Marathi mulgi!
A typical Maharashtrian nosepin (or nath in marathi) is one piece of jewelery that is typical of this state and is worn by women during auspicious occasions like weddings or pooja. It is made of pearls and small colored stones.

It’s peculiar shape, as shown in the pictures with this post, makes it the most unique nose ornament in India, which are generally round shaped or resemble a ring.

Nath 3 Nath2 Nath1 IMG_1112

Remember Priyanka Chopra in the “Raat ke dhai baje” song from Kamine, or Kajol at her own wedding…Yes they were both wearing one. Even Rani Mukherjee was recently spotted in a function in Pune wearing a nath and a Paithani saree. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to pierce your nose, its a clip-on and thats why scores high on convenience scale. And it is very cheap. My friend’s mom got one for me for just Rs 100.