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As Dazzling As It Gets — the world of 3D printed gold jewelry by Zinarya!

Riya was just another hard-working corporate woman who was had developed a sudden liking for chic jewelry designs and was looking to buy some unique pieces in gold.

She felt investing in good gold jewelry was better than going for cheap imitation ones that lose their sheen within months. She visited all the swanky jewelry outlets but not one had designs that would stand out — every design had the potential of finding a doppleganger at a wedding party in some aunty’s necklace or at the office party in another woman’s ears!

The option of going to her family jeweler and expecting his kaarigars to create an urbane piece of jewelry was out of question.

There’s a Riya round the corner everywhere — even you have been this Riya in search of dazzling jewelry with a design that would blow everyone’s mind.

Your eternal quest ends today at Zinarya

Jewelry pieces by Zinarya are soon going to change the way urban women select their ornaments. Zinarya has revolutionalized the way gold jewelry is made and conceptualized which is sure to appeal to the modern women who wants to explore designs beyond the ones that are traditionally worn in India.

All Zinarya gold jewelry designs are unique and take an artist’s imagination to a whole different level using technology that was never before used for making ornaments.

Zinarya’s core manufacturing technology is 3D printing — till now unheard of in which math and algorithm-based designs are put to good use.

Every piece derives inspiration from mathematical and geometrical concepts that have been recreated into fabulous jewelry pieces. 3D printing used for jewelry is a fascinating process, many Youtube videos will give you insights on how the final product is achieved.

While the making process is dominated by machines, it’s the human skill that comes up with stunning designs.

To truly understand what Zinarya’s 3D printed jewelry looks like, have a look at this earring ‘Zoria’ from three different angles.

Notice the way every angle presents a different design, which is intricately assembled as an earring. There are no joints in this design, which makes it a durable piece and a testimony of unprecedented craftsmanship.

Have a look at this delicate yet sturdy pendant design in white gold. Ask yourself, can this design and finish be achieved through manual skills?

Here are some reasons why shopping for jewelry at Zinarya is a smooth ride: 

1. Jewelry designs are categorized in various collections. Look for the one that suits your taste and occasion the best!

2. You can check out 360-degree view of each and every piece to see how the 3D printed piece looks from various angles.

3. Easy EMI options are available for every jewelry — displayed on the very same page.

Customization – Zinarya’s USP

Every design can be customized according to what you want! For instance, the ring design below can be customized in 18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold, while many other designs have the option of being made in Rose Gold as well. The choice of stones is also given to the lady — she can choose which stone and what kind of finish should be given to the ring.

And here are some of the options that Zinarya gives it’s buyers for customisation. Every design has different options.

With an array of scintillating and unique designs to chose from, women can rest assured that the piece adorning their neck, ears or fingers is one of a kind!

Special message for men — you now know how to floor your lady with a gift that reflects her personality to the core! Happy shopping at Zinarya


Is it a saree? Is it a jewelry set? Nope, it’s a cake!

12512451_10153901677161763_1170285241375712135_nRecently, various groups on social media in Maharashtra, especially Pune, were abuzz with photos of a folded magenta Paithani silk saree, with Kolhapuri jewellery kept on top of it. At first glance, you may not find anything unusual about it. A closer look will reveal that it is actually a cake!

A quick check on Facebook told me that the creator is well within reach! Tanvi Palshikar, a home baker based Kothrud, is the creator of this intricate cake, that is being widely circulated on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Palshikar revealed that she had made this cake for one of her trusted clients Ketki Kulkarni Puranik, who wanted a customised cake for her mother-in-law’s birthday.

“A couple of days earlier, we had discussed about her mother-in-law’s fondness for Paithani sarees and we decided to make this cake. She shared some photographs of the saree and some jewelry she likes to wear on it,” said 27-year-old Palshikar, whose home baking venture Cakilicious turned three this month.

12745995_10153901677216763_7129048600936232312_nThis unique 1.75 kg cake shows a saree neatly folded, with a pallu of golden zari with colourful peacock motifs on the folds. On top of it, a pearl-studded Kolhapuri choker necklace set with a Maharashtrian nose pin (nath) is kept — and it’s all edible and handmade!

“It’s a vanilla chocolate chip cake and it was eggless. It took me three hours to bake it and 8 hours to decorate. This type of decoration is called ‘Sugar Craft’. The saree pallu or padar as we call in Marathi, is all hand painted with edible golden paint,” Palshikar said. She has not even used any molds for it.

Palshikar is an interior designer by profession but took to baking after she got married. I can tell from personal experience that it takes a couple of weeks in the kitchen for you to realise the immense potential that awaits many in this business — baking and cooking. I have myself made things I had earlier thought were impossible. So I can totally relate with what Tanvi must have gone through at that time.

With the support of her husband Onil and other family members, she started her own venture. Isn’t that cool… when the family supports you, nothing is impossible.

IMG_5563 (1)She gets 50 customised cake orders in a month, where her endeavour each time is to ‘Bake your imagination’.  She admitted that she did not expect it to go viral on Facebook, and is ‘amazed and flattered’.

“I had no idea this was happening until I checked my phone two days ago and saw the photo. I have no words to express my happiness! It feels great,” she said.

10922515_10153298602636763_4466188045723052874_nI know where my next cake is coming from! You can hunt for Tanvi’s (that’s her in the pic) Cakilicious on the Facebook as she has a dedicated page. The photo gallery will give you a peek into the kind of cakes she has made in the past.

The above story first appeared in Sakal Times newspaper in Pune. 

That ‘together’ moment with roommates

“Together we can and we will make a difference!”

These words that were a patent of Suhaib Illyasi of ‘India’s Most Wanted’ fame, pop up in my head every time I hear the word together. What he says is of course correct, but the way he used to say it was what added the humor ‘tadka’ to it.

And trust me when I say that me and my friends in Pune rarely made any difference ‘together’, except maybe in our own lives. I was working in Pune and that was the first time I had a proper ‘roommate experience’. Shall I count myself to be one of the lucky ones to have had an amazing set of girls as my roommates? Hell yeah!

I’ve spent three glorious years with these girls and together we have had some pretty amazing adventures – you know the kind you cannot have if you get married in your early 20s (jibe intended at all those who feel girls should not wait beyond 22 to tie the knot).

It’s been four years since I have moved cities, gotten married and all that… but I recently got a chance to go back to Pune for a short trip for a mini-reunion. Yay! My husband was to go to Pune for some official work and I decided to tag along. He stayed in his guest house, fuming over the fact that his wife was staying with her previous roommates for the entire week that they were there!

Why on earth would I let go of a chance to relive my bachelor days? Another former roommate was also there and together, the four of us had a blast! Remembering the good old days was fun, but reliving them made us realise that age has somehow caught up with us. For instance, we went to this club (point to be noted judge sa’ab is that we are not party animals and we only go clubbing, like once in a year, and only with each other), and got tired of dancing in just a couple of minutes.

Then two young college girls who had pushed their way onto the oversized table we were occupying, started off a pouting-selfie-deleting-pouting-again-spree which irritated us to no end. Then the youngest in our group suggested that we also take some pictures, so we asked one of those college girls to click it for us. Click it? She and her friend actually joined us in that photo-session. And now all of us are stuck with some great pictures with two strangers in it.

Guess who the odd ones out are?
Guess who the odd ones out are?

We had a hearty laugh about it when we came back to our dingy little rented apartment, which was like a temple for us! Honestly speaking it was the worst-possible apartment architecture-wise. It’s just that we had found it by a stroke of luck and without having to pay any brokerage (yes that was a big deal for us).

It’s time now for me to move back to Pune in a couple of months. My fauji husband will probably go to a non-family posting, meaning I cannot live with him for the duration of that posting (read more about it here). So I am contemplating moving back to Pune. None of those fiery young roommates live there anymore. I would probably have to rely on Housing, a real estate start-up which has apartment postings, to find a new house. And I am going to terribly miss the time when we girls would ‘together’ look for houses, meals and guys to stalk. Time flies!