As Dazzling As It Gets — the world of 3D printed gold jewelry by Zinarya!

Riya was just another hard-working corporate woman who was had developed a sudden liking for chic jewelry designs and was looking to buy some unique pieces in gold.

She felt investing in good gold jewelry was better than going for cheap imitation ones that lose their sheen within months. She visited all the swanky jewelry outlets but not one had designs that would stand out — every design had the potential of finding a doppleganger at a wedding party in some aunty’s necklace or at the office party in another woman’s ears!

The option of going to her family jeweler and expecting his kaarigars to create an urbane piece of jewelry was out of question.

There’s a Riya round the corner everywhere — even you have been this Riya in search of dazzling jewelry with a design that would blow everyone’s mind.

Your eternal quest ends today at Zinarya

Jewelry pieces by Zinarya are soon going to change the way urban women select their ornaments. Zinarya has revolutionalized the way gold jewelry is made and conceptualized which is sure to appeal to the modern women who wants to explore designs beyond the ones that are traditionally worn in India.

All Zinarya gold jewelry designs are unique and take an artist’s imagination to a whole different level using technology that was never before used for making ornaments.

Zinarya’s core manufacturing technology is 3D printing — till now unheard of in which math and algorithm-based designs are put to good use.

Every piece derives inspiration from mathematical and geometrical concepts that have been recreated into fabulous jewelry pieces. 3D printing used for jewelry is a fascinating process, many Youtube videos will give you insights on how the final product is achieved.

While the making process is dominated by machines, it’s the human skill that comes up with stunning designs.

To truly understand what Zinarya’s 3D printed jewelry looks like, have a look at this earring ‘Zoria’ from three different angles.

Notice the way every angle presents a different design, which is intricately assembled as an earring. There are no joints in this design, which makes it a durable piece and a testimony of unprecedented craftsmanship.

Have a look at this delicate yet sturdy pendant design in white gold. Ask yourself, can this design and finish be achieved through manual skills?

Here are some reasons why shopping for jewelry at Zinarya is a smooth ride: 

1. Jewelry designs are categorized in various collections. Look for the one that suits your taste and occasion the best!

2. You can check out 360-degree view of each and every piece to see how the 3D printed piece looks from various angles.

3. Easy EMI options are available for every jewelry — displayed on the very same page.

Customization – Zinarya’s USP

Every design can be customized according to what you want! For instance, the ring design below can be customized in 18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold, while many other designs have the option of being made in Rose Gold as well. The choice of stones is also given to the lady — she can choose which stone and what kind of finish should be given to the ring.

And here are some of the options that Zinarya gives it’s buyers for customisation. Every design has different options.

With an array of scintillating and unique designs to chose from, women can rest assured that the piece adorning their neck, ears or fingers is one of a kind!

Special message for men — you now know how to floor your lady with a gift that reflects her personality to the core! Happy shopping at Zinarya

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